AARCA membership is open to any organization, institution, and agency or individual that supports the objectives of the corporation. There are two classes of membership:

  •  ARC Member – Any artist-run centre based in Atlantic Canada.  ARC Members have full voting rights.
  • Associate Member – Any organization, institution, agency, or individual. Associate Members have no voting rights.

We trust that all our past members will continue to be a member of AARCA and will remit their fees and their earliest convenience. Please forward your remittance to Michael McCormack Vice President of AARCA, at Eyelevel Gallery in Halifax, N.S. You can download the form here.

(Membership fees are set at the annual meeting of the corporation are due thirty (30) days thereafter.  If membership fees remain unpaid for three months, the member will be deemed to have resigned.)

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member or wish to make a donation, please contact the AARCA President: aarcatlantic(at)gmail.com

Your membership and participation will help us achieve these important objectives :

  • help strengthen and sustain member centres
  • promote short-and-long-term centre planning
  • identify appropriate resources and expediting access to them
  • organize collective programs, projects and research
  • collecting, organizing, analyzing, and distributing relevant information
  • assisting with communication and the timely exchange of information
  • encouraging critical dialogue and discussion on matters of common concern
  • speaking for member centres on matters of common concern
  • providing a forum for the identification and resolution of key issues
  • liaising with government, funding agencies, and other organizations as well as educating government, business, and the public about artist-run centres

Thank you for your continuing support.